Bus + hike here

Our facility is located in Hyssna almost exactly between Borås and Gothenburg, and you can easily get to Hyssna by bus. From Gothenburg it takes about 40 minutes. Then you jump off at “Hyssna Handel” bus stop which is on route 156.

When you are standing facing the shop “Hyssna Handel” and route 156 is behind you, follow the little road that goes by the right hand side of the shop. Continue on the road down a little slope until you come to a small T-junction. Take a right. You are now on Hyssnalden trail, and will soon be at point 2 on Hyssnaleden (see the link below), which is an old mill.

Now you just have to follow the yellow marked trail. When you have passed point 4 on the map, you have just a short hike left till you arrive. Our accommodation lies between the two places Slätthult and Älmhult.


Links – Hyssnaleden

Hyssnaleden – Naturally beautiful hiking trail in West Sweden (vastsverige.com)

Map of the trail (pdf)

A little on hiking to us and suggestions for hiking back to the bus on day 2

When you pass the mill, you then hike through open pastures and up on paths through Hyssna’s fine beech forest. Here there is a fairly steep climb at the beginning of the beech forest, which later gives you the opportunity of great outlook points and views. Perhaps make an extra detour out to the Torberg mountain, which has a fantastic view over Hyssna village.

After going through the beech forest, you hike a bit further on a forest track then pass pastures and some small red crofts before you finally arrive at us. You will find our accommodation between Slätthult and Älmhult (shortly after point 4 on the map).

Tips: Please use the good guide found in the link, there you can read a little about places around the road that you will pass. There is also a map that you can print out if you want it in hardcopy.

Perhaps bring a picnic on the hike, and don’t forget the water bottle.


After spending the night, there are several options for hiking back to the bus. Look at the map in the link above and read hiking suggestions day 2 under the tab “car + hike here”, so you can plan your hike more easily. If you are looking for other alternatives, speak to us at the reception when you check in. We are happy to help you.

If you would like us to prepare a little picnic for your hike on day 2, book that at the same time as you book your accommodation.