We protect your integrity and comply with applicable legislation, the purpose of which is to protect you as a private individual (GDPR). Hyssna Forest Resort collects personal data from our guests through our booking system. By personal data we mean information which can directly or indirectly be connected to a currently living person. Hyssna Forest Resort is responsible for personal data that you pass to us.

We use your personal data to administer and process our bookings.

When you pass personal information to us we will deal with it in accordance with current regulations.

We use personal data in order to:

  • Administer, provide, develop and maintain the services you purchase from us.

  • Process bookings and orders.

  • Inform you via SMS, mobile apps or e-mail for example about your booking status or other information in connection with your booking, before, during and after your stay with us.

  • Individualise our communication so that you get relevant offers.

  • Analyse statistics and user behaviour.

  • Marketing of services and products.

You can whenever you wish, request that we stop using your personal data for marketing purposes.

Privacy & personal data policy is fundamental for how Hyssna Forest Resort handles personal information. Changes are updated on

If you provide us with other people’s data, for example in connection with a group booking, we assume approval to handle the personal data in accordance with our Privacy and Personal Data Policy.

We collect personal information in connection with our booking dialogue.

Information relevant for our services and support is:

  • Forename and surname

  • Address

  • Telephone number

  • Date of birth

  • E-mail address

  • User language

  • User history

  • Information on your party

  • Booking preferences and special requests

  • Payments and possibly other information that you pass to us in connection with your stay with us.

The potential partners who we work with may access some of your personal data. In these cases, our partners will sign a personal data processing agreement with us and your personal information will be handled only on our behalf according to our instructions and applicable legislation. When dealing with crime, we may need to share our information with the police authorities in accordance with Swedish law.

Your personal data is not kept longer than necessary. Gathered information is continuously updated and we delete it when there is no longer a purpose to saving it.

Camera surveillance

To ensure security and prevent crime we may monitor public areas, such as the reception and car park, with the help of cameras. This means that you as a visitor may be filmed by our equipment. We wish to offer a safer and more secure environment for you as our guest while protecting our property.

If you wish to access your personal data or have it deleted, please contact us in writing. We will ask you for identification to ensure that we are giving the information to the right person. Please contact us if you have questions on how we collect and deal with your personal data, or if you have views on the Privacy and Personal Data Policy.

The address is:

Hyssna Forest Resort

Bua, Skogen 1

511 98. Hyssna