About us

We at Hyssna Forest Resort offer accommodation close to nature. The place is an old family farm that has both great cultural and historical value, and fantastically beautiful surroundings with rich nature. The famous Hyssnaleden runs right through our place.

We are passionate about sustainably preserving and developing Hyssna Forest Resort, and creating a place where people can relax and enjoy all that the forest and its surroundings have to offer. We offer both different forms of accommodation and opportunities to hold different events and arrangements with us.

Places and building methods have been characterized by nature and consideration has been taken to affect nature in the least possible way. No driveways to the buildings, which means that we have made very little impact and so even now that the business is up and running. We surface treated all our residents with burning of the wood to get a natural rot protection.

The concept of sustainability is important to us and comes naturally, we always strive to trade and benefit local actors when we make purchases and plan collaborations. We prioritize and choose as far as possible environmentally friendly and local alternatives by choosing products with environmental labels and strive to minimize our energy consumption.

When it comes to packaging and recycling, we prefer paper and glass packaging over plastic, and of course recycling is a matter of course for us. Among other things, we encourage our guests to use the packaging collection we have on site. Our guests are also affected by our way of operating. We use organic and environmentally certified hygiene items, avoid single-use towels, food for guests is delivered in glass packaging that is reused.

The company is a family business, which makes it easy to implement the sustainability mindset of everyone involved.