Car + hike here

If you want to hike here, it is easy to do by parking your car and walking a part of Hyssnaleden trail. There are several different alternatives depending how long you want to walk on day one and two. Look at the map in the link below and plan your hike.

There is parking at Hyssna old church (point 1 on the map in the link below) and by Hyssna furnace ruins (point 14 on the map), which lies next to the road between Hyssna and Bollebygd. Along the road (on the left hand side if you are coming from Hyssna) there is a wooden sign “150 m Svarvruinen (furnace ruins) and 500 m Glafsared bro (bridge)” marking the road to a little patch of grass by the furnace ruins where you can park.

You will also find a signed carpark on the road between Skämnigared and Liagärde.

Be sure to park so there is space for others and that you are not blocking the landowner or whoever coming in with machinery on the forest tracks.

Now all you have to do is to start hiking and following the trails in numbered order. You will find our accommodation a little after point 4 on Hyssnaleden (see the link below).

Hyssnaleden – Naturally beautiful hiking trail in West Sweden (

Map of the trail (pdf)

If you want more alternative suggestions for hiking here, you can contact us. We are happy to help.

If you would like a picnic with you on day 2, then book it at the same time as you book your accommodation.