CYCLING – normal cycle/MTB

For those of you who enjoy cycling in the forest and countryside, there are plenty of roads to choose from – country roads, gravel lanes and forest tracks. Here you find yourself out in the middle of peace and greenery, close to lakes and forests, but still with services, cafés and eateries in striking distance.

Cycle here, or bring your bicycle with you. Closer to nature than this is hard to get, and still stay in comfort. The greenery and the forest follow you all the way in to your accommodation.

Do you want tips on cycle paths or outings? Talk to us when you check in or mail us before your visit and tell us what you are looking for, so that we can make your visit the best it can be. We are happy to help you.

Do scan in the map link below before you visit us, so it is easier for you to plan your route. As our business is new, it is not marked on the map yet, but if you zoom several “clicks” into Hyssna, you will find two small places called Slätthult and Älmhult. Our accommodation is located between these two places.

Outdoor map of Hyssna –

Tips: If you would like a little picnic on your cycle tour, you can book that at the same time as you book your accommodation.