Booking regulations


To book/enter an agreement with Hyssna Forest Resort, you must be at least 18 years old.

Breakfast is included in the price, if no other arrangement has been agreed.

The visit is paid at the time of booking.

Do you want to change or cancel your booking?

Contact us by email on:

Cancellation conditions

If you cancel earlier than 30 days before arrival the total booking cost is reimbursed.

If you cancel 29-14 days before arrival, 25% of the total booking cost will be debited.

If you cancel 13-7 days before arrival, 75% of the total booking cost will be debited. Cancellation 6-0 days before arrival, 100% of the booking cost will be debited.

If you are prevented by illness or another unexpected event, we will try to arrange for you to move your booking to another date within four months. The option to rebook is dependent on the availability of beds, and applies only to accommodation, food and drink at Hyssna Forest Resort. In the case of the above mentioned – contact us immediately.

We also reserve the right that we in certain situations may require to cancel/rebook. As our facilities are located in the middle of the forest, and certain accommodations are situated amongst the trees, we are extra vulnerable to the inclemency of weather. In such circumstances we reserve the right to an emergency cancellation/rebooking.

These guests will have the chance to rebook within the following 12 months. This will be dependent on the availability of beds, and applies only to accommodation, food and drink at Hyssna Forest Resort, or money back if we are the ones who made the cancellation.

Your responsibilities as a guest

  • To check your e-mail and be available on the telephone number you provided on booking.

  • Check your booking confirmation as soon as you get it. Any mistakes should be reported immediately.

  • To follow the rules, instructions and regulations that apply to the cabin and surroundings.

  • Not to use the cabin for any purpose other than that in the agreement at booking, and not to allow additional people to stay overnight in the cabin or on the property than are specified in the booking.

  • You are personally responsible for damage that occurs to the property, its fixtures and the facilities around your cabin, due to the carelessness of you or someone else in your party.

  • If complaints regarding disruptive behaviour are received by Hyssna Forest Resort, we have the right to evict the guest from the accommodation/area if the situation is not rectified immediately after notification. In this case no refund will be made for the remainder of the stay.

  • If you have any complaints, you must initially contact reception as quickly as possible so that we have the opportunity to resolve any issues during your stay.

  • On booking you should let us know if you suffer from any limitations of movement, food allergies or other handicap.

  • Not to publish or distribute photographs or films of Hyssna Forest Resort for commercial purposes without written permission from Hyssna Forest Resort.
  • As the person booking, you have responsibility to ensure that everyone in your party knows about and understands the information in this agreement, as well as informing them to exercise caution as some of our cabins are located high up or near waterways. Special care must be taken if children and youngsters are part of the group.

  • As the person booking you also have responsibility for ensuring that all guests in your party understand the information in the binder/cabin info in your cabin. This is especially important when it comes to instructions regarding barbequing, use of fires and bathing.


Problems which occur during the visit must be reported immediately. This is done initially at the reception of Hyssna Forest Resort. If you fail to seek restoration during your stay and thus do not give Hyssna Forest Resort the opportunity to correct any deficiencies, you cannot subsequently claim compensation.

If you are still not satisfied with the compensation/reimbursement, this must be stated in writing to Hyssna Forest Resort as soon as possible and at the latest 14 days after homecoming.

Allemansrätten (Right of Public Access)

(2 kap. 18 § regeringsformen)

The Right of Public Access gives us a lot of freedom to spend time in our countryside but also obligations.

The basic rule in the Right of Public Access is that we may go where we like in the countryside and onto other people’s land as long as we do not disturb or destroy.

But in the Right of Public Access, certain exceptions are specified:

We must take into account the domestic peace zone. This includes our cabins and the surrounding area.

  • The domestic peace zone is the area nearest our cabins where the inhabitants have the right to a private area, and to be undisturbed and free from view. Within the domestic peace zone, the rental guests have full control over the land, and no one may be there without their permission. Within this domestic peace zone therefor the Right of Public Access does not apply.