Our accommodation lies close to the two lakes Trehörningen and Lilla Hålsjön, which offer lovely bathing and water play.

Trehörningen is a forest lake situated several minutes’ hike from our accommodation. There is no designated bathing area here, rather you just find yourself a good place to swim. Lilla Hålsjön however has a cosy little swimming spot with a jetty, and some nice stone outcrops you can swim from. The bathing spot is walking distance from our accommodation.

Tips: When you are at Lilla Hålsjön’s bathing area, take the opportunity to make a small detour to “Torkels gömma”. This is a little cave in the forest that lies about five minutes’ walk from the bathing spot. You will find signs showing the way there at the edge of the forest on the other side of the road (if you are at the bathing area). You will also find signs to the viewpoint “Sjögaråsen”, which offers fantastic views over the lake and Hyssna. Up on the heights is a bench where you can rest for a moment and enjoy the view.

If you want a picnic with you on the outing or when you go bathing, you can book it at the same time as you book your accommodation.